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I think every man, at some time, wants to look good. For me it was for those more formal events like going out for a nice meal, to a wedding or to a works do. I always tried to make an effort but never knew quite how to give what I wear that extra edge of style and sophistication and that’s where Sarah came in.

Sarah is brilliant because she knows the tricks of how to elevate dressing for men. A colour analysis was really helpful to identify my correct season – a cool summer! This gave me a specific palette of colours to choose from when I go shopping. Knowing and wearing the right colours does make a big difference, which surprised me because I thought it might be just hyped up.

Sarah also has an excellent knowledge on classical male fashion and current trends and so was also able to advise me on the clothes, accessories (ie, ties), jewellery (ie, watch colour) I should be buying. It’s great walking into a room knowing I look good. Thank you Sarah, for all of your friendly help and advice which I feel has taken my dressing/style to a new level. or Tel:0777 596 1506 to discuss details further or to make a booking.