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I first met Sarah when she saved me from my wedding make-up crisis! Having planned low key wedding where I would be doing my own make-up, it was lovely to sit informally over a cup of tea with Sarah, empty out a make-up bag and go through colours and styles of make-up to match the vintage outfit.

I also had my colour analysis done, on the recommendation from a good friend. There were three of us and we turned it into a girly get together over some lunch and we were all amazed at how colours could lift you, equally finding shades to avoid based on our own skin and hair colouring.

It was a great experience, and has certainly changed my buying habits, I now avoid buying something just because it is a ‘bargain’ which will inevitably never be worn – so I am sure I am saving money by making more informed choices!

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting colour or style guidance, not only will she give you her excellent professional advice, she is a lovely person to spend time and you’ll love every minute!

Ms Denise Bedding or Tel:0777 596 1506 to discuss details further or to make a booking.